Type of Crimes We Defend Against:


Brought in family court due to failure to follow child or spousal support court orders.


Crimes committed by minors and handled in a specialized court with different penalties.


Lesser crimes, sometimes punishable by county jail time under one year and/or criminal fines.


The most serious types of crimes, and carrying the heaviest penalties.

Our mission:

Treat clients like we'd like to be treated.



Going through the criminal justice system can be a very scary and stressful ordeal, not just for you but also for your loved ones. We make sure to treat you with care and understanding.


For us, communication is key. We know that being in the dark about your case can be very stressful and unnerving. That’s why we make sure to keep you updated on the status of your case. We also, keep you informed of all your options so we can help you make the best decisions regarding your case.


In any criminal case, it is essential that your attorney and her team be fully prepared. When you hire us, we research case law thoroughly and work with experienced investigators. By being completely prepared, we are ready to effectively negotiate your case or take the next steps forward in litigation.

Julie E.

She is the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of hiring. I got to know her fairly well during my case and it still amazes me how different she is inside vs outside the courtroom. It’s like watching Clark Kent become superman. She will fight for you with every ounce of energy she possibly can. You will NOT regret hiring her!






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Recent Case Successes

DUI (Drinking and Driving) 

A client came to us looking for help after being arrested for DUI. The police report claimed his blood alcohol level was two times the legal limit. After analyzing the facts we concluded that his initial stop was illegal. We immediately filed a Motion to Suppress, and his case was dismissed. The DMV Administrative Hearing was also reversed and his driving privileges were reinstated.



A client approached us for help after being arrested for Petty Theft. He had a clean record and had never been in trouble before. We were able to negotiate a deal to entirely dismiss his case from the criminal justice system and have him participate in diversionary classes instead.


DV (Domestic Violence) 

Our client contacted us while in police custody.  He had been arrested for DV after being accused of hitting his girlfriend. After analyzing the strengths and the weaknesses of his case – factoring in the likelihood of success at trial – we immediately negotiated a deal with the District Attorney to get him released contingent on 3 years of probation, DV classes, and payment of fines.

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